Dwarves and Fortresses

I Smell a Wizard

This is (incredibly) late again. Sorry.

This session began with some dickering as to how to next expand your lovely fortress, which was deferred until we had a proper mapping system figured out (which we’ve done, huzzah!). But we quickly moved on to a brief round of lumberjacking, instigated by Tordek. You brought home 12 cords of wood of average-grade wood (Ash, maybe? I don’t know anything about trees) and should have little difficulty making wooden stuff in the immediate future.

Then three more owlbears showed up. What was especially worrisome was the way in which you noticed their presence: they were squawking at each other in what may have been a hitherto undiscovered language. This was unusual, in that owlbears are typically as smart as regular bears. They were hostile, of course, and so bloody combat ensued. You slew one, causing the others to flee (also not typical owlbear behavior). One of them fell into your spiky pit trap, but other escaped to parts unknown.

Then, to establish your ownership and dominance over the area, you took the skulls of the owlbears that you’d killed, including the one from last session, and stuck them on sticks at the entrance to your valley. Just in front of the pit trap, amusingly enough.

A couple days later a four-foot boulder Burrowed through one of the walls of your fortress. Just as someone was about to Hit It With My Axe, she kindly asked you not to. Marble was just introducing herself to the new neighbors. You spoke with her briefly, learned about a Formian nest located somewhere to the west of your current, and were asked to keep your digging away from her cave, which is to your north but at least five levels up. She also indicated that she might be interested in trading enchantments for scouting or prospecting information in the future. After she left, tentative plans were made for a carpentry shop and a farming area.

Not long after that, a quiet day was interrupted when a zombie minotaur smashed down your door (which has not yet been replaced, I believe). After catching sight of you, it went completely limp for a few seconds. Somewhat confused by this turn of events, you Hit It With My Axe several times. After a particularly furious blow to the statue-like zombie, it roared to life and proceeded to Hit It With My Axe right back. It was slain, but not until after it had dealt Tordek (I think) some pretty heavy damage.

The confluence of intelligent owlbears and unusual zombie behavior led you to suspect that there was something altogether more sinister going on. Careful use of skills and the loremaster profession indicated that an arcane spellcaster could have altered the owlbears to make them more intelligent (similar tinkering is how they were created, it’s believed), and also have raised the zombie.

You tracked the undead minotaur to the north-northwest for the better part of a day, concluding that it had almost certainly originated from a large tower on a hill that all but screamed “a megalomaniacal villain lives here!”

Then you went home and had a nap. That’s where we left off.



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