Dwarves and Fortresses

Setting Out

N.B.: I am a bad GM and wrote this quite a while after the session took place. Apologies for any inaccuracies that result.

You began this session (and the campaign) just as you were setting out from the great Fortress Goblinspite, acting on the order of King Bronzesnarl. He had commissioned you to establish a mining fortress on a recently discovered deposit of white iron.

The journey was expected to take about a week, in part because of the ox-cart, filled with supplies, that accompanied you. The first two days of your trip passed uneventfully, but on the third day you discovered the site of a terrible slaughter in your path. Twenty dwarves, most likely immigrants headed towards a small fortress, had been killed by a large, winged beast with enormous claws. Some of you speculated that it was a dragon, but there was no conclusive proof as to the matter.

In any case, the massacre had occurred about a day before you discovered the scene, and the beast was nowhere to be seen. Worried about the prospect of the dead rising as gravelings, you stopped to bury the fallen, finishing nearly in time. A graveling rose and was dispatched with little trouble; the danger dealt with, you moved on.

Not long afterwards you heard the sound of wingbeats off in the distance and, fearing the dragon, took cover in a copse of trees. Eventually they passed and you continued, but as night fell you decided to make camp in another copse, just in case.

That night your watchdwarf noticed the approach of some goblin slavers. Once you were all awake and fighting they proved to be little threat, and after killing the majority of them the rest fled.

The remainder of your journey was quiet, and you arrived at the valley in which you were to build your fortress with little difficulty. It seemed like an easily-defensible site, but you were worried about the presence of a cave and the possibility that it might be occupied by something awful.

It was, of course, and you had some difficulty with the human-sized spider-monsters that lay within, especially because of the webs they had in place to restrict the movement of invaders. A few flaming arrows, however, set the nest ablaze, removing the threat.

You then established a more permanent camp inside the now-empty cave and set about building your fortress. You dug out the beginning of a horizontal shaft pointed roughly towards the center of the mountain above you, piling the waste rock at the eastern end of the valley in order to limit the approach of hostile monsters from that direction. Water was a concern, as the nearest stream was a fifteen minute walk to the west. Bifdak Hammersmiter is using her ability to conjure fresh water as a temporary measure; you made tentative plans to dig a well as a more permanent solution, as well as a cistern for what water Bifdak could conjure.

A few days later, Metkin Emberglow was attacked by an owlbear as he was carrying waste rock out of your cave. His cries for help drew the rest of you, and the beast was slain with only moderate injury. To deal with the possibility of other owlbears in the area, Shydar Ale’hat’oont built a pit trap, lined with spikes, in the center of the valley’s eastern approach; you used meat from the owlbear you’d killed as bait.

That attempt to incite cannibalism agreed upon, we ended the session.



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