This page provides information about the less humanoid inhabitants of Mithia. Some of them are quite dumb. Some of them, unfortunately, are not.


The large, winged, four-legged reptiles you are familiar with. They come in a variety of colors and the older ones are often quite intelligent; some of them use magic. They are not color-coded for your convenience, despite what you may have heard. All dragons speak draconic, though they seldom deign to speak with the lesser races.


A terrestrial breed of dragon that are usually considered to be less dangerous than their winged cousins. Nevertheless, Ironspines deserve their name: the wickedly sharp spines that cover their bodies make them difficult to attack. What’s more, they’re Burrowers, and fond of ambushes. But worst of all (for Dwarves, at least), their diet consists primarily of metallic ores, especially iron. Not only do they devour otherwise valuable veins of metal, they use their burrowing to scoop the ores out and leave the surrounding dirt intact, leaving pockmarks in the earth that can cave in as soon as they’re disturbed by a miner’s pick.


Sluggish eight-legged Burrowers with a gaze that can turn the weak into stone.


Owlbears are ridiculous. They are also terrifying.

Rust Monsters

Dwarves really hate rust monsters.


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